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Named GP

It is a Primary Care requirement within the GMS Contract that patients of Hetton Group Practice should be allocated and informed of a Named GP within the practice by the 31st March 2016.

The practice within previous years have contacted a number of patients regarding there informed GP and you should note that this GP will remain unchanged:

  • Patients who are Over 75’s year
  • Patients who have an Unplanned Admissions Care Plan
  • Any new patients and patients registered after 30th June 2015 will have been informed of their named GP when they registered with the practice.

We are now in the process of completing the administrative task of allocating and informing all remaining patients of their Named GP.

Please note that the allocation of a Named GP does not affect your rights to see a GP or Nurse of your choice when the surgery is open or an alternative GP or Nurse if your named GP is not available on the day or time you may need to be seen or contact the practice. Hetton Group Practice are happy to change your allocated GP on your records if you so wish.