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Patient Participation Group


Minutes: Patient Participation Group Meetings (abbreviated)


Coalfield – Patient Forum Cluster Meeting – 24/11/11 (see document below)


Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group (SCCG) – Clear and Credible Plan (future commissioning intentions and public engagement) – see document below

letter consultation dec 11

Patient Surveys

Thanks to all the patients who completed a practice questionnaire over the last month or so.  The results have now been collated and can be viewed by clicking on the links below:


 Survey Findings – Annual Report – March 2013
patient survey march 2012
findings practice q.aire and sample of comments march 2012



Virtual Patient Forum Group

The practice has a “virtual” patients participation group. Would you be happy to be contacted via email no more than 6 times a year to give us your views?

Typical questions / enquiries might be:

  • Services we provide and any proposed changes

  • Setting out priorities for the future

  • Helping agree questions for wider surveys

If you are interested in the “virtual” patients participation group, please go to the contact form tab on this website and leave your details on the contact form.

Patient Forum Report 2015

Local Patient Participation Report 2014

Patient Survey Results feb 2014

Action plan