Meet the Team

We have a range of skilled staff in addition to the qualified doctors at our practice. You can find out more about our dedicated team on this page:

Our Doctors

We have 7 GPs here at Hetton Group Practice. See below for more info / photos of our GPs.


GP Registrars

As a training practice we take GP Registrars on a 6 month rotation. They are fully qualified and have already done training in hospitals.

You can expect them to provide a full range of GP services. If they are not certain about what to do they will ask more senior colleagues for advice.

Currently at the practice we have the following registrars:

  • Dr A Richardson (Female GP Registrar)
  • Dr R Mantle (Male GP Registrar)
  • Dr A Elhussein (Male GP Registrar)
  • Dr C Ikegwuoha (Female GP Registrar)

Advanced Clinical Practitioner

See bio below for info on Lynzie, our Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Our Nursing Team

  • Sally – Nurse Practitioner
  • Ann – Practice Nurse
  • Lisa – Practice Nurse
  • Judith – Healthcare Assistant
  • Liza – Healthcare Assistant
  • Jennie – Healthcare Assistant

GP Availability

The chart below shows the days our GPs, Pharmacist and Nurse Practitioner are available at the surgery:


  • Practice Manager – Emma Middleton BA (Hons) CMgr MCMI
  • Office Manager – Carol Smith
  • Deputy Office Manager – Lucy Tipton

Practice Staff

team freestanding letters

As well as GPs, Registrars, Nursing staff and management listed above we also currently have 17 reception and admin staff members.

We also have a Pharmacist and Medicine Management Manager as part of our team.